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About Leigh

The landscape of England and Wales has heavily influenced who I am as a craftsman and a designer.

I spent my childhood in Devon where I studied Fine Art. I then earnt a Bachelors of Art and Design in Wales. The next three years were spent learning the multiple aspects of the building trade. 

At this point, I knew I wanted to be creating with my hands. This led to my work in crafting high end custom loud speakers for five years.

I would later start my own home renovation business in the Welsh countryside. These renovations included the design and build of furniture and joinery. I owned my company until 2015 when I relocated to Aotearoa New Zealand. Since then, I have worked in joinery, detailing, consulting and designing.

The diversity of my experience has allowed me to draw on a wealth of practical knowledge when designing home interiors. 

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Leigh Wells
Design Consultant
BA hons Design, Nat.Dipl. Fine Arts
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